Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Store Spotlight: Frontiers

In keeping with the theme of this week and the DIY, I thought I would let everyone know about a little secret place I love to shop. I have a store that I really love to scope out for great antique and art deco furniture at great prices! It's called Frontiers and I am sure many of my fellow Torontonians already know about my little secret shop because it has also become theirs!

I love Frontiers for their selection and prices, and the fact that a lot of my DIY projects once came from this shop. So sit back and enjoy all of the DIY possibilities...

French bistro chair vibe

lovely bones
I want this!
too cute...hmm...are you thinking what I am thinking?
re-invent with reupholstery
spray this a bright colour and instant chic!

Anyone ever been to Frontiers? I'd love to hear about your experience?