Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly DIY: patterned vases

This week's DIY comes from Elizabeth at To be charmed who used Japenese washi tape to decorate her simple vases. I really love that this idea is very simple, no clean up! plus most of us have tons of empty vases laying around  (a lot of mine come from winning the centre pieces at weddings!) that need filling especially with all the lovely flowers that are starting to bloom. I also like that you can decorate vases for certain seasons like winter or fall and spring and even for events like birthday parties, dinner parties etc, and then peel the tape off when you are done. Very inventive idea, love it!

Also forgot to mention, if you don't have Japenese washi tape (google it for local retailers), you could really use any kind of tape, including all of really neat lace shipping tapes that have been so popular lately.

lace tape