Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blog Calling Cards

I have been thinking about getting some calling cards for WALLPAPER for a while. I get asked a lot about my home and all of the DIY projects I do and blogging always comes up (naturally) and I always send people here to check out my know, by send I mean scribble the blog address on a napkin, a hand, a ripped piece of paper or a receipt ( crap I needed that one for a return! oh well) because I never had an "official" card. So calling cards were the next obvious step.

I went online and had been searching on Etsy for several hours when I came across pixel impress, her stuff was great but even better she offered chartreuse chevron cards...OMG yay they matched my banner! guess work done! Click click and in no time they were here.

I thought it would only be appropriate to show them off on my new homemade DIY cake stands you can see the original post about them here. They are finally done!