Monday, August 23, 2010

Chair re-do: chevron print

I just finished reupholstering the chair in the corner of my room that I like to call my "reading nook", where I spend most sleepless nights reading. I decided to use the chevron black and white print that I purchased a while ago from Tonic Living. If you follow this blog then you know what my reading chair used to look like,  if not then here is a little reminder:

the before...


the after!

Now I have an awesome chevron printed chair!! I love how it looks :)

It always amazes me what a little fabric can do! On another note I was browsing the Tonic Living site and came across this new script print, I think I will be getting this one for sure, but I am not quite sure where it will go yet...

here's what it looks like on a chair

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! off to watch the bachelor pad!