Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Steven and Chris Show

On Tuesday a bunch of us lucky bloggers got to attend a taping of the Steven and Chris Show here in Toronto. I was so excited to see some familiar blogger faces, meet the guys and sit back and enjoy a very entertaining show. The show consisted of the regular decor stuff we've all come to know and love, a cooking segment, and celebrity guest Jenny McCarthy (she was so funny!). The taping was followed by some lunch which was prepared by chef Rodney Bowers for us hungry was pulled pork sandwhiches and they were delish! Then we all got to go back into the studio and have a wonderful Q&A with Steven and Chris, and even take some photos with them and the set. They are truly such sweet, genuine, funny and amazing guys! So proud that we have such great Canadian talent!!

It was just a really wonderful day!! I loved meeting some of my personal favourite bloggers, everyone was super nice!! I only wished I had gone over and said hello to all the bloggers I recognized, but between photos, eating, getting our seats and chatting with my sister (who is all new to the blogger world) it seems like there wasn't enough time, and the day flew by so fast. I only hoped we had more time to stay and chat, but I hope the local Toronto blogger meet up will give us that chance soon.

On a side note, I also ran into an old high school mate, Erin Richards at the show who actually works for Veritas Communications (PR firm) and introduced us to George Stroumboulopoulos, who is a very sweet and smart guy in person. So it was great to get to meet the whole CBC family of hosts.

My plus one, was my sister Patti and she really enjoyed the day as well, and she can't wait to come back and catch another taping, I think this time we'll bring my mom too! A big thank you to the S&C crew and the producers for arranging such a great show for us bloggers and for being so hospitable!

p.s I love that Steven and Chris mentioned that the entire audience was full of local bloggers!! Take that Nate! ;) The show should be airing this Friday October 22nd 2010 on CBC, hope you can all check it out.

Enjoy the pics...

Us and the boys!

Me in the famous kitchen!

my beautiful sis, Patti

Jennifer and I during a break

Jenny McCarthy

look at those heels!

All the lovely bloggers I met, from left: moi, Shannon, Tara, Kerry and Jennifer

Me, my sis and George

set pictures

me with my gift bag

the set was just gorgeous!

Patti and I on the S&C twitter page

Shout out to Designwali, who I met while waiting for my giveaway tickets! She is one sweet and pretty lady!