Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beauty Bag: Christine, Bijou and Boheme

Thank you so much to Liz for asking me to be here today with my beauty bag.
I remember getting my first set of make-up on my 13th birthday- I was thrilled and felt so grown up as I splattered the lipstick and blush on for the first time.  I held on to the khaki green eyeliner I got for way way too long.
As the years have passed, the essentials have definitely changed.
Gone are the neon blue eyeshadows and here are the skin enhancers/under eye puffiness removers.
I have a long list of must have but let's start with the bag in its entirety.

I kind of hate make-up bags.
I think they're usually quite unattractive and I don't really understand the need for plastic everything so...I don't use one.  Instead, I keep my goods in this vintage sequined clutch of my grandmothers.
I was just thinking the other day that I might just invent the pretty make-up bag- you heard it here first.
Anyhow...inside my beauty bag you'll find...

alot of YSL gold stuff.
I've tried a wide variety of make-up and I there are some inexpensive things I can't live without but there are also some pricier items that I can't live without.  So, I save my pennies, wait for sales, and purchase when needed.

Picture One
1. YSL Teint Mejeur #5- I honestly can't possibly say enough about this foundation.  My pregnancies have resulted in my skin being rather pink all the time. I've tried every foundation/primer in the books but this product is simply amazing. It totally evens out my skin tone, while feeling and looking like I have nothing on.  I'm very fair to begin with so finding something that works and matches my natural skin colour is almost impossible.  This is definitely an expensive make-up item but now that I have it, I could never live without it.

2.YSL eyeshadows {Ombres and Shine Flash}- The Ombres is gold and navy blue and I adore it.  The Shine Flash is a pink and brownish tone.

3. YSL Eyebrow Pencil #3- great for keeping brows in check

4. YSL Lipgloss {Goldengloss}- perfect amount of gloss, shimmer and pink

5. YSL Volume Effect Mascara # 9HA5- This is actually a very dark purple.  It never smudges and lasts forever.  The subtle colour is a nice departure from my usual very black and looks less harsh on my face.  Another must always have for me.

Picture Two
I love perfume and my favourite is Jo Malone.
My everyday scent is Vintage Gardenia and I don't think I'll ever tire of it.
The other three are:

1. Coco by Chanel - My husband bought this for me in Paris and I wear it when I want to feel sophisticated and feminine.

2. Marine by Lothantique - My daughter bought this for me for Christmas last year.  How sweet is that?  It's lovely and soft- like fresh air.

3. Jo Malone- Honeysuckle and Jasmine- This is my flirty/going out the the girls pick.

And as for the brushes, here's where I save so I can purchase the bigger ticket items.  My brushes are get this, art brushes.  I bought the whole set of 10 brushes for...wait for it....$6.  And in case you didn't notice, they're pink!  They're fabulously soft and work perfectly.  I have one regular actual make-up brush that I use for my blush but other than that, it's artist brushes all the way for this girl.

Picture Three
1. Eye Shadows- MAC.  I love these eyeshadow.  I've used them forever and I like having a little collection of fun colours for going out.  The ones I have right now are: Nocturnelle (dark purple), Shale (light purple), Girlie (rose), All that Glitters (shimmery brown), Satin Taupe (purply brown).

2. i.d. Bare Mineral Warmth- 36077.  My sister purchased the whole kit for me for Christmas last year and I loved it.  The mineral make-up really does feel like you have nothing on.  This brown all over tint (all I have left) makes my skin look naturally sun kissed- brightens me up after I've applied the pale foundation.

3. Bare Mineral blush brush- soft, works great

Fourth Picture
This is all of my non pretty but oh so essential items.
1. Visine- I'm a Visine/Q-tip addict- they're my make-up vices and I have to have them. I know they're both not great but I don't care.  I could be doing worse things for myself. 

2. Trimmer scissors, tweezers, nail clippers- everyone has them, everyone needs them

3. Burt's Bees lipgloss- thick and yummy- I like this in winter for some's like pretty chapstick

4. Smith's Rosebud Salve- A friend of mine gave this to me and I couldn't live without it.  You can use this stuff as moisturizer, lip gloss, hand cream amazing.
And that's it.
My life in a beauty bag.

As for the one item I couldn't possibly life without....the first one I listed.
YSL Tint Mejeur- worth every penny!

Thanks again to Liz for having me!


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