Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bedroom Progress... all the details

Remember when a while ago my sister asked me to help her re-do her room, well we have made a lot of progress...

We finished the bookshelves and her desk area. We are still waiting for some fabric to recover her reading chair and desk stool. Soon the room will be re-done. We are thinking about making a fabric headboard, we just have to get all the measurements done first!

head over here and here to see the before's and stay tuned as I reveal her room piece by piece...

some great large scale books

bookshelf knick knacks and books from various sources including HomeSense, Bouclair and Value Village

my sister's own marbled paper and artwork in the background

the entire bookshelf in all it's glory!

fun ivory and brass magnifying glass HomeSense

cool peace sign jewelry holder from HomeSense

large chess piece decor from the Goodwill

more Value Village books and a handmade candle

marble/granite box from Goodwill

love the color variations

Stay tuned more to come...