Friday, December 3, 2010

Zebra print

Okay so I've been on a DIY kick lately. I had bought some fabric from Tonic Living a while ago and it's literally been sitting in my closet waiting to be used so I came up with two DIY's.

First are these coasters, they are super easy to make...

I bought the cork in a round shape from the dollar store, the fabric is from Tonic Living and the laminating sheets are from Walmart. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks.

 (I forgot to take pictures of the process) you basically trace your round cork onto the fabric, then cut out the shape you just traced. Then take your laminating sheets and laminate your fabric! Yes you need to do this to protect the fabric from the condensation from the drinks. You can also use heavy duty specialty printed paper and skip the laminating step, either way just make sure if your coaster gets wet that it doesn't get ruined! Final step is to cut out the round piece of fabric that you just laminated this will detach it from the laminating sheet, hot glue it onto the circular pieces of cork and voila instant chic!

The second DIY is some table runners in the same fabric. All I really did was decide on a length I liked then I cut and used a no sew tape ( also found at the dollar store) to make my clean edges, although you could also fray the edges for a less polished look.

And that's all, now I have some great new accessories for the holiday season and year round!