Monday, February 7, 2011

Beauty Bag: LadySmith, Cashmere & Carrot Sticks

Hi there! I’m LadySmith from over at Cashmere & Carrot Sticks.  I hope that I do not disappoint with my installment of this wonderful Beauty Bag Series by Liz … but I would be lying if I presented a posh makeup bag and made out like I had a daily makeup routine and a whole pile of products stashed in my purse. The truth is, most mornings my beauty routine looks something like this:

A bit luckier and I might even get a wash cloth and some cleanser thrown in.

Pretty glamorous isn’t it? Nothing beats some running water and a toothbrush for this busy stay-at-home Mom of two.

I’m somewhat of a natural gal. Love makeup, love to look my best, but don’t like the idea of feeling “made up” every day. During the past couple of years though, thanks partly to the book, “The 5 Minute Face” by Carmindy (from the show “What Not To Wear”), I have discovered some amazing essential makeup pieces and developed an easy makeup routine that leaves me feeling good about myself, but still natural and not too “made up”.  Of course there is the more spiced up version for evenings out and events, but for this post, we’ll stick with the essentials.

My Essentials (from left to right):

1.       CLINIQUE Dramatically Different moisturizing Lotion (my Mom used it and what can I say, it’s a proven staple)

2.       Bliss Hand Cream (my hand’s get sooo dry in the winter so one is tucked in my purse too)

3.       Some big awesome brush I found in my Mom’s makeup bag

4.       MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder in NW25 (for my shiny nose)

5.       Nivea Pure Invisible Anti Perspirant (Amazing! Actually works, really is clear and doesn’t leave any residue)

6.       MAC Lipstick in Amplified FAST PLAY (This is my new go-to shade I can just throw on any time and not worry about whether it matches my look. It’s perfect.)

7.       MAC Powder Blush in CUBIC Satin

8.       MAC Cream Colour Base (Highlighter) in HUSH FROST

9.       AVEDA Purifying Cream Cleanser

10.   AVEDA tinted moisture spf 15 in ASPEN (seriously, where have you been all of my life? I have never liked foundation – too thick and obvious. This on the other hand evens out the red in my face and allows me to still feel natural)

11.   Clinique Mascara or whatever other mascara I have around – Lancome, Maybeline, etc.

pretty as a peach LadySmith

And the one item I could not live without? It’s a tossup – I’ve got an oldie and a recently discovered.  Oldie - Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion.  Good for moisturizing after the shower, even on the face in a pinch. Another product passed down from my Mom. Trusted and true.

My new staple – Lancome’s makeup remover.  I used to hesitate to wear mascara on a daily basis because it was always so hard to get off. This makeup remover is magic and not greasy at all! Definitely recommend.

The makeup bag is such a personal thing and usually used in the privacy of one’s bathroom so no one gets to see what’s in it. What a treat to hear everyone’s secrets and the products they swear by. Thank you Liz for letting me be a part of this wonderful series!  What a great idea.