Friday, March 4, 2011

Beauty Bag: Laura, Gracefully Searching

List of Products:
Bag: The body shop
Mascara: Maybelline  Great Lash
Blush Cream and Bronzer: Joe Fresh- Blush Cream Peach Joe Fresh
Foundation, Under Eye Cream, Powder: Mac
Silver PalettePrescriptives Colorscope Palette 
Blush: Cargo Blush Highlighter Pink
Lip Stain: Joe Grapefruit
Eye Shadow: Expert Wear Eyeshadow Mocha Motion
Highlighter: Bobby Brown Shimmer Brick Compact Pink

Can I possibly choose two things I couldn't live without, because I am having a hard time choosing between mascara and blush cream (that doubles as a lip cream)! These two beauty products are absolutely essential, and make me feel fresh and approachable!!

I love the process of getting ready, I like to change up my eye makeup, or lip color to reflect the way I am feeling!! If I am feeling like going au natural I like to wear a simple gloss like Smith’s Rosebud Salve, if I want to create something a little more current and funky I like to wear something like Pink Poodle by Mac, or it is always fun to experiment with something on trend (with a very low price point) from Joe Fresh!

Most importantly I think it is important to take your natural beauty and just emphasize it- don’t hide it!!
the beautiful Laura

Thanks so much Liz!!! Love, love, love this blog- this has been so lovely!!
Always Stay Graceful,
Laura xoxo

Thanks to the fabulous Laura of Gracefully Searching for sharing with us!