Saturday, July 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Superdrug Haul

Heeyyyy Everyone! How is your Saturday? My Saturday is pretty relaxed, I woke up really early this morning (don't know why) but it really helped because I was able to get errands done in a short amount of time! I got ready, after I woke up and then I filmed, after I filmed I imported the video on to my laptop, and now it's uploading, I left it to upload and then I went into town to get a few makeup products! (above) Basically, I won a raffle at my school yesterday, and it was a £10 shopping voucher (selected stores) I realised I couldn't spend it in Topshop, New Look Primark, e.g because it was £10, so I thought that  would just use it to spend it on makeup products! I wish I won the £50 voucher, but I'm still very pleased that I even got a voucher! So these were the thing that I set out to buy! I was literally in town for like 20 minutes, and the only shop I entered was Superdrug! I was happy with pretty much everything that I purchased! 

Beautyuk Neutral pallete in number 4
 NYC lipstick in number- 403 or 409? (will check)
MUA lipgloss in shade- ?
MUA Mascara in Black
MUA blush in shade 1
MUA eyeliner/eyebrow pencil in Rich Brown