Thursday, August 4, 2011

My day in Brighton!!

Hiya girlies! How are you all? Sorry I haven't been blogging this week but I've had a busy 3/4 days! On Tuesday, I went to get my hair done, and yesterday Wednesday I went to Brighton! I had a blast!
1. On Wednesday morning, I woke up 6am to get ready. (I had to be at the train station by half 8) I was so tired because I didn't sleep that night, because it was so hot!! But I was ready by 8! I met my friends at the train station and went in the train! The train left at 9am and we got there at 12noon!
2. When we got there we went to get something to eat, and find our way round! We then went to a few shops just to check them out. Me and one of my friend then said we we would go shopping together because we were so excited!! We then went around by ourselves and shopped till we dropped! The weather was beautiful, it was so hot and we loved it!
After 2 hours of shopping we found our way back to meet our friends. We were hungry so we got fish and chips and ice-cream after!
After that we chilled on the beach for an hour taking lots of pictures and having so much fun!! After that it was getting quite late, and it was going to be a 2 and a half long journey home! We bought some sweets and snacks and took pictures at the photo-booth! Then we took a train home! We were all so tired (especially me) because I had no sleep what so ever! We got home around half eleven! But it was an amazing day!!
I will have a haul up on my YouTube Page so check it out to see the things I bought!

Have a good day!