Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey Dolls! Oh my... I haven't blogged in over a week, it's because I've been crazy busy! As school is getting closer, I'm getting busier! I haven't filmed a video in over a week now, but today I was able to film a tag video, which will be live on my channel very soon! I've been wanting to enjoy my summer with my friends and family, so I haven't been on the internet much! Today's is a pretty nice day, the sun is out, but I'm going out later! I'm busy all this week, with friends family, schoolwork ect & I want to get all that done before starting to blog and film again! I do honestly miss you guys.

Another reason to why I haven't been blogging is because I've been having brain farts! I cannot think of anything to blog about, and I need your suggestions and ideas a.s.a.p! I still have a few weeks left of of my summer holidays, and I honestly just want to enjoy it! But I promise I will be on the roll with my posts and my videos as soon as possible. I haven't forgotten about any of you girls, and I need a huge catch-up on YouTube videos/blogs ect!

I never really realized that I would be so busy, but I guess I am! Oh yes and before I forget I won't be making/filming as much Youtube videos as before because I'm waiting for my new camcorder to arrive, I should definitely have it before I go back to school! I still will make videos, but I won't be doing makeup tutorials ect! Because videos like that need better quality!

So I guess that my update for you girls, about what's been going on and I hope you can all understand!
Lots of Love,

Daisy X