Wednesday, January 11, 2012

School gets harder, I get busier...

Hello, everyone, so I have been gone for over a month, and I feel so bad! Seriously! I need to step up my game and really focus on blogging (+ you-tubing) but it's just school, if you follow me on twitter, you will know why I've been MIA and off! I hate it when it's like this. I've been doing my exams, and I still have a bunch of it coming up! I've been studying/revising and just working hard to be fully prepared for my exams! I have had no time whatsoever to even film videos on my YouTube channel regularly (apart from weekends) I have been missing blogging, and I have 1 month's catch up of the people I follow on blogger, because I love reading people's blogs!   

This is literally the first time since my last blog post, that I've signed into blogger! I miss it so bad :( I just wanted to quickly use the spare time I have on my hand to give you all a valid excuse to why I've been gone! I do want to say I'm sorry. I'm starting to get things more organised, so I should be blogging soon! I will definitely be blogging this weekend. It's a very exciting one! So keep an eye on my blog!

I hope to be fully blogging nearly everyday soon! But for now, I can blog a few times a week! It's just that GCSE's are crazy right now!

See you soon, all lovely followers,

                                                                    Daisy x