Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pixie Lott misses again in sheer polka dot maxi skirt

Can you spot another fashion slip up? Pixie Lott misses again in sheer polka dot maxi skirt

She can usually be counted upon to step out looking enviably stylish.
But the last few days haven't exactly been Pixie Lott's best fashion-wise.
The 21-year-old arrived at the Radio 1 Live Lounge today wearing an odd full-length sheer polka dot skirt.

The star's modesty was protected by a black mini skirt underneath.
She teamed her unusual choice with a high-necked black top and leather jacket with a leopard print lining.
Pixie accessorised with two pale gold crucifixes and a delicate chain bracelet.

The Mama Do singer tweeted before her slot: 'Getting ready for my Live Lounge for @bbcr1 and @fearnecotton. Tune in v soon cats!! Aggaga! Xx'
Pixie sang a cover of Lloyd's hit single 'Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)', which features Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, for her Live Lounge slot.

She explained to presenter Fearne Cotton: 'I chose it because I was listening to all the recent stuff at the moment, and I like songs with a bit of soul in it.'
I though we could take it and interpret it in our own way just rough it up a bit.''
Pixie also divulged that she intends to release more singles from her latest offering, Young Foolish Happy and hopes to promote the LP in Japan when it is released in February.

Her most recent single Kiss The Stars is Pixie's third top ten hit from the record, which charted at number 18 in November last year.
While Pixie doesn't usually need to worry as far as her vocals are concerned, it can't be denied that this hasn't been her week when it comes to wardrobe choices.

She turned up to film ITV Daybreak yesterday wearing another unfortunate ensemble which did little to flatter her many attributes.
Pixie wore a sleeveless leopard print dress with a sheer grey blouse sporting a leopard print collar and cuffs for her appearance.

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