Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Time!!

Ever find super random photos on your desktop? Me too. I thought I'd share!

Valentines Day Heart Shaped Chocolates and Sweets

SFO to LAX, Random Photos Of Organic Dinner On the Flight

View Of Los Angeles

Red/Gold Saree - So excited to Wear It and Use It For My Room!

Mittu Has A booger!!!!!

SECRET PHOTOS!!!!! AHHHH!! I cant tell you details (they wont let me) but I will as soon as I can!

Im really excited btw :) 

Im SO HAPY these are in pink, otherwise I would've spent 200$ ! ( I hate pink)

Valentines Day Outfit - Taylor Swift's Red Dress From CMA 2010

Gold and Blue Exotic makeup Tutorial- And Bollywood Birthday Party with my Boyfriend:)

Leaving LA... flight was delayed :/

Random Modeling Photo...Desi Inspired :)

Random Photo a Viewer Posted To My Facebook Wall- Tutorial Soon!

Such Cute Nails! Are They Stick-Ons Or Painted By Hand?

Really Pretty, but not wirth it! I found one at Bebe that looks almost identical- for 1/5th the price!