Monday, March 5, 2012

{Almost daily outfit of the day} Animal magnetism 3.5.12


Vintage thrifted silk blouse; Gap Outlet cargos; Old Navy belt; thrifted Ferragamo pumps; vintage thrifted python clutch; Forever 21 bracelets

I'm not going to lie: This outfit was built around my shoes. I thrifted these Ferragamos for less than $10 at the Salvation Army, and now I'm searching for any excuse to wear them. Great as these shoes are, though, my current thrift passion is silk blouses. Silk feels so luxurious to wear, and you can scoop up a silk blouse for around $5 (as opposed to J Crew's versions for $98.)  I generally ignore sizes when considering silk blouses. The more oversized they are, the better they look.

3.5.12 4