Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Powerpoint Search Engine

Are PowerPoint slides tailored to presentations or are presentations tailored to slides? Normally, it`s the former and I would hate to sit for the presentation where the latter would be the case. The Zen of presentation also dictates that what we say during the presentation is the meat, what the audience sees on the slide should only reinforce our oral words.

In the age of information every document is a template for learning something new, whether by way of knowledge or through design. In the case of PowerPoint, looking at well designed slides is a crash course on how to design effective presentations. Also, searching out new presentations and learning how they are done can cure mental blocks when we have to design our own. Learning about color, backgrounds or animation is the easiest when it’s taken from examples of already prepared slides.
The web is the sink for every sort of document and publicly available PowerPoint files are also not beyond the reach of search spiders. So how do we search them out”¦using search engines of course. If data of any kind or value can have a dedicated search engine of its own, then why not PowerPoint presentations or in brief, PPT files?

Some estimates put the number of presentations on the web close to 30 to 50 million. But we have to search them out. Using a general search engine with PPT as a filetype query is one way. But if you are work-shy about typing all that out then we have a few PowerPoint search engines to do the digging.