Monday, September 20, 2010

Beauty Bag: Renee, Eat.Live.Shop

Hi Wallpaper readers, I'm Renee from Eat.Live.Shop. and I was stoked when Liz asked me to be a part of her Beauty Bag series!

I have a pretty basic mix of products in my make-up bag that range from higher end projects to drug store products. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my make-up and believe if it ain't broke why fix it? I tend to stick to the same products over and over again and become heart broken if they become discontinued which sadly does happen from time to time. Here's whats in my make-up bag for my everyday look:

Make-up brushes - I use 4 brushes everyday which are an eyebrow brush, a concealer brush, a blush brush and a powder brush. I'm a sucker for super soft brushes!

Blush - I only like to use Nars blush and my favourite colour is Orgasm.

Concealer - I like using Benefit's Erase Paste concealer because I find that it lasts all day long and is great at covering up dark under eye circles.

Brow Powder - I love using Anastasia's brow powder in brunette. Brow powder gives a bit of definition to your brows and really helps frame your eyes.

Highlighter - Benefit's High Beam highlighter is great for giving you that fresh bright look. I dab a little bit on the inside corners of my eyes and along the bridge of my nose. I'm running low on this product but it lasted me two years!

Mascara - Mascara how I love you oh so much! What would I do without you? I really like using any of the Maybelline mascaras and right now I'm digging the Define-a-Lash in very black.

Foundation - Foundation tends to last me a long time because I only use a tiny amount of it and oddly apply it with my fingers which works really well! I really like Revlon's ColourStay Active foundation which also has a SPF 25.

Lip Gloss - I have a huge obsession with lip gloss and I only like to use products that are smooth and silky. No sticky lip glosses for me thanks! I'm in absolute love with Fresh's Lip Sugar in rose. It has an amazing scent and stains your lips a subtle pink colour with a touch of shine.

Thanks so much to the beautiful and talented Renee from Eat.Live.Shop. for sharing her beauty products with us and for all the great information. I love that she mixes high and low price points in her beauty bag; from her drug store mascara to her department store Nars blush, because let's be honest we all do! Just cause it's pricey doesn't mean it works or that it's right for you, and vice versa. I love that Renee has some great staples here, all these products are great for everyday!

I have to run out and get that Nars blush in "orgasm" last time I went to Sephora they were sold out, so I opted for the Nars multiple instead. Trust me ladies this blush is on every magazine's "best beauty sellers list", it's no wonder Renee has it as one of her beauty staples!

Stay tuned for more beauty bags next week...