Friday, September 17, 2010

Owl + Mints

Wanted to share my latest Etsy purchase with all of you, isn't it the cutest little thing! a vintage brass owl bottle opener from Portugal I bought her {here} head over to the shop Portuguese Vintage it has plenty of other great things.

Unrelated to my little bottle opener show and tell... I was at Winners the other day and at checkout came across these pretty looking mints, I thought to myself, these are pretty pricey at $3.49 (that's Winners price by the way!) but they were super cute, and I would much rather pop one of these sassy mints in my mouth then  a stick of gum! Plus they were pomegranate flavour, did I tell you I love all things pomegranate!

So what's the verdict on my pricey mints you ask? I love them they are super tasty (more like a candy, that can be bad though, cause you end up having way more in a day then you normally would!) and I love that you have to slide the lid to open them, I know this is going to sound strange but they reminded me of the old vintage cigarette holders from the 20's and 40's that super chic leading ladies like Marlene Dietrich used to carry. I don't smoke by the way, but I have a love of all things classic Hollywood, especially old movies, so I was really drawn to the mints when I saw the sliding lid, because each time I open them they make me feel like an old Hollywood movie star!

{a picture I took of my sister as an old Hollywood starlet with a vintage camera and some fun fashion styling}

The mints are called Hint Mint if anyone is interested...

Have a great weekend see you Monday!