Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beauty Bag: Jen, Made By Girl

1. Lipstick Queen oxymoron matte gloss - color - "honest politician"

2. Covergirl eye liner - (I tend to use this for both my eyebrows & eyes).

3. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage- (I've been using this for many years now & it works really well and concealing under eye circles).

4. Lorac lip pencil (it goes on really smooth - i love it)

5. Lancome Juicy Tube - I wear Berry Bold but I also buy the clear gloss to apply over other lipstick colors. This is definitely my favorite lip gloss...!

6. Derma-blend stick (ideal for any redness or covering up whatever other things can't)

7. ACCA KAPPA Creme perfume in White Moss- (This smells so good, it's very compact to carry around when you want to dab on and freshen your scent)

8. Nail Clipper & Tweezer- (Always need these).

9. Eye Drops- (Love having them especially out here where the weather is so dry).

10. Facial Toner spray- (I don't have a preference, but I just pour some from the original bottle into a compact one so I can carry it around when I'm out).

11. Shu Uemura concealer stick - (More concealer, this one also works quite nicely and is nice & small).

12. Mac Studio Fix Powder- (I like it and have been using this powder for years, and I always wonder if there's something better out there...)

One beauty product that I can't live without is:

My Derma Bland stick. It is VERY helpful to cover up any imperfections when I'm in a hurry and don't have time to apply foundation.

Thanks so much to the beautiful and talented Jen of MadeByGirl for sharing with us!