Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapters: Online Shopping!

Okay I am not letting anyone know anything new here, Chapters has online shopping, always has in fact! I bet that some of you (me included until last week) didn't know that they just revamped their website and added a Paper & Gift shop!! When I learned of this I was so excited I nearly cried!! Yes cried, because for years I've been going to Chapters for my books and also to pick up some beautiful stationary, a scarf, a journal or two, an olive wood cutting board and beautiful candles you know the usual.

Problem was up until a little while ago you could only get their Paper and Gifts at the store, well not anymore my friends!! Now you can shop online for all the pretty things plus your books.

Have a look at some of my fav's from their online shop:

library candles gift set

chess piece bookends


olive wood bowl

tea and stir stick gift set

cuddly soft throw

knit reading socks

silver globe

So what do you guys think will you be adding any of these to your shopping carts?