Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tom Ford's spring/summer 2012 collection

 Tom Ford's fashion shows are 'invite only' events, which means it's perfectly feasible that the only names on the guest list are a few stuffed toys whose lack of live-blogging capabilities means the designer has another two months to actually get his collection finished. Obviously that would never happen though, never.

So, two months after fashion week, Tom Ford has debuted his spring summer 2012 collection on In the best possible way, it's exactly what we expected, which makes all the cloak and dagger business a bit pointless. We've got ultra-lux form-fitting dressed with clinched waists, bondage-esque corsets, satin suits in his trademark purple, which frankly we're surprised Cadburys hasn't tried to trademark.

Talking about the collection, Ford said:

"I want to do classic clothes. I don’t want to do trendy collections that swing around from season to season. I want to do things that will stay in a woman’s wardrobe a long time—quite ‘forever’ pieces. So I’m looking for consistency."

Quite. We think Ford is at his best when he's putting Nicholas Hoult in an angora sweater for A Single Man. Let's hope there's some truth in the rumour that he could be doing an H&M collaboration then.