Thursday, November 24, 2011

What to wear when you're at 30’s – a fashion statement.

Have you ever thought about it, what looks stylish and what doesn’t when you cross the 30’s.

I don’t signify there’s something like "rules" but I think there are things that -even if you have a nice body to pull them off, it begin to look kinda when you grow up.

I came across the comments like “long hair looks bad over 30”, but I really don’t think so... It is odd how opinion changes. When you’re 20 you are sure what a 30 something shouldn’t wear, but when you are there you begin to wonder, as you don’t see yourself really different, but everybody’s insight about you really does.

I personally believe in,
“Someone who accepts their age is more appealing than someone who tries to dress younger.”

In a magazine I noted some thing related to this,

Early 30's need not to bother about it so much. But......after the age of 34 (this seems to be THE year where it all starts) you need to actually take a look at yourself. Liz Hurley could pull off what she wore in her early 30's but now she’s 39........she just cant in the way she used to, it looks sort of wannabe young again even though its only a few years difference.

And I finally go with the words of my friend, in fact you may too agree with it,

 “You look younger it’s a rather pitiful compliment.
   You look great! That’s a great one...”
(In the sense of dressing)

Thank you.